Bogen TPU35B Telephone Paging Amplifiers

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Bogen TPU35B Telephone Paging Amplifiers (TPU35B)



Bogen models TPU35B, TPU60B, TPU100B, and TPU250 are wall-mounted telephone paging amplifiers rated at 35, 60, 100, and 250 watts, respectively. All models can also be rack-mounted*. These TPU amplifiers permit paging from telephone and/or microphone; music input through an RCA jack or screw terminals; and voice-activated, variable level, music mute with fade back after page. These TPU amps include a night ringer which sends an electronic ringing tone signal through all speakers, alerting personnel of incoming calls. Jacks are also provided to bridge two TPU amplifiers to double the number of inputs and output power



• 35, 60, 100, and 250-watt models • Inputs for 600-ohm balanced telephone line, Lo-Z balanced microphone, and background music • Music input (RCA jack or screw terminals) • Integral automatic level control (ALC) circuit for controlling pages made by persons with varying voice levels and paging techniques • Page from telephone and/or microphone • Signal-activated paging channel automatically mutes background music • Adjustable background music muting level during a page • Music gradually returns to its normal level after a page • Audio Enhancement circuit increases intelligibility, improves perceived loudness (with no increase in power), and reduces listener fatigue • Separate controls for page volume, music volume, night ringer, music mute, and Audio Enhancement • Bass and treble controls • Built-in night ringer activated by contact closure or by 90V ring signal • Balanced or unbalanced 16-ohm, 25V, 25V CT, and 70V outputs are available for the TPU35B/60B/100B models; 25V and 70V outputs are available on the TPU250 • VOX sensitivity level control eliminates accidental transmission of background noise from a paging telephone • Thermal and electronic overload protection • Jacks provided for bridging additional TPU amplifiers • Brackets are attached to each model for easy wall mounting; the TPU250 can also be rack-mounted with included brackets; TPU-B models can be rackmounted with RPK82 mounting kit (sold separately) • Peak level indicator lights when amplifier is driven into clipping • 120V AC, 60 Hz power source • Listed to UL Standard 60065 for U.S. & Canada 


Technical Specs

Power Output: TPU35B: 35W RMS; TPU60B: 60W RMS; TPU100B: 100W RMS; TPU250: 250W RMS

Frequency Response: 70 Hz to 15k Hz ±1 dB

Distortion: Less than 1%

Hum & Noise: (20 Hz to 20 kHz) MUSIC: -70 dB; TEL: -70 dB; MIC: -55 dB

Sensitivity: MUSIC: 85mV; TEL: -20 dBm (77mV); MIC: 600μV

Tone Control: BASS: ±9 dB @ 100 Hz; TREBLE: ±9 dB @ 10 kHz

Regulation: 2 dB

Inputs: TEL: 600-ohm balanced line, transformer-isolated MUSIC: Hi-Z source, RCA jacks or screw terminals MIC: Lo-Z balanced, screw terminal connection (dynamic only) MUSIC MUTE: Mutes music when shorted CONTACT RING: Sounds night ringer tone when customer-supplied dry contacts are closed TEL RING: Sounds night ringer in response to 90V ring signal BRIDGING: Permits bridging of two amplifiers

Outputs: 25V, 25VCT, and 70V, 16 ohms balanced or unbalanced for 35/60/100-watt models; 25V and 70V for TPU250. Provision for WMT1A line-matching transformer

Controls & Indicators: POWER & PEAK LEVEL LED indicators. ENHANCE, TREBLE, BASS, VOX SENS, RINGER VOLUME, MUSIC MUTE, MUSIC VOLUME, MIC VOLUME, TEL VOLUME, ALC controls (screwdriver-adjustable)

Overload Protection: All models have thermal and electronic overload protection. TPU35B: 1.0A, 120V AC circuit breaker; TPU60B: 1.6A, 120V AC circuit breaker; TPU100B: 2.5A, 120V AC circuit breaker; TPU250: 6.0A slow blo fuse, 120V AC circuit breaker

Power Requirements: (120V AC, 60 Hz) TPU35B: 0.75A; TPU60B: 1.5A; TPU100B: 2A; TPU250: 5A

Thermal Emissions (Full Power): TPU35B: 166.3 BTU/hr.; TPU60B: 211.7 BTU/hr.; TPU100B: 396.2 BTU/hr.; TPU250: 853.8 BTU/hr.

Finish: Black with silver lettering

Dimensions: TPU35/60/100B models: 14-1/4" W x 8-3/8" H x 3-5/8" D TPU250: 19" W x 10-1/2" H x 3-7/8" D

Product Weight: TPU35B: 12 lb.; TPU60B: 15 lb.; TPU100B: 18 lb.; TPU250: 28 lb. 

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