Extreme Networks ExtremeAccess XA1480 Ethernet Switch XA1480

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Powerful Branch Platform that Seamlessly Extends Extreme Fabric Connect Services to Remote Locations

Designed to extend the reach of Extreme Fabric Connect technology to remote sites, the ExtremeAccess Platform 1400 Series with Fabric Connect VPN software delivers fully featured network virtualization capabilities in a cost-effective hardware appliance. Optimized for remote locations, the ExtremeAccess Platform extends secure multi-service capabilities across either Service Provider WAN or Public Internet links in a compact form factor ideal for small sites. It offers a simplified, yet secure way to extend campus fabric services to branch locations.

Product Overview

The ExtremeAccess Platform 1400 Series (XA 1400) are compact general-purpose hardware appliances intended for remote site or branch deployments. Designed for use with Fabric Connect VPN (FCVPN) software, the XA 1400 enhances the value of an existing Extreme Automated Campus deployment by expanding the reach of Fabric Connect services to remote sites while delivering a consistent and uniform user experience. FCVPN software transparently extends Fabric Connect services, such as L2/L3 VSNs, over 3rd-party provider networks, including MPLS-based WANs or the Internet. In addition to secure Fabric segmentation over the WAN, FCVPN software also supports IPSec for end-to-end traffic encryption.

Two models of the ExtremeAccess Platform 1400 Series are available: the XA 1440 and the XA 1480. Both are x86-based hardware appliances equipped with six (6) Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 copper ports and two (2) 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ fiber ports. They also include serial and USB ports for management, as well as external flash use.

ExtremeAccess Platform 1440 (aka XA 1440): This model is intended for small site or branch applications in cases where up to 100 Mbps of WAN throughput is required. This model includes a 4-core Intel processor, 8Gb RAM and 32Gb Solid State Drive (SSD).

ExtremeAccess Platform 1480 (aka XA 1480): This model is intended for mid-sized branch or head-end appliance uses cases where up to 500 Mbps of WAN throughout is required. This model includes an 8 core Intel processor, 8Gb RAM and 64GB Solid State Drive (SSD).

Typical Deployment Scenarios

The ExtremeAccess Platform 1400 will typically be deployed to extend secure Fabric Connect services from a head-end or campus location to a remote site. Connection can be over a Service Provider WAN or Public Internet using either Fabric Extend or IPSec encrypted tunnels. In either case, Fabric Connect services can be securely extended to the remote location. Each scenario is further described below.

Fabric Services over Service Provider WANs with Fabric Extend. In this scenario, remote sites with ExtremeAccess Platform 1400 appliances are connected over a Service Provider WAN (e.g., MPLS, Ethernet, or DSL) to the central campus or head-end site (see Figure 1). Since the Service Provider WAN is private and generally has its own builtin security, IPSec encryption is not required. Here, VSP 7000 or 8000 Series switches in the central site can act as the aggregation devices for Fabric Extend tunnels to the ExtremeAccess Platform 1400 appliances in the remote sites. In this scenario, secure Fabric Connect services (or segments) are run across Fabric Extend tunnels using a VXLAN overlay.
  • Quickly and easily set up a wired network with 6 networking ports
  • Supports optical fiber cable to span longer distances and provided high data transmission rates between servers and network components
  • Optimize the performance of business networks with 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
  • Can work as layer 3 routing for scalable network design
  • Management capability provides control over setup and configuration of your network
  • Rack mounting enables you to organize wires & secure cables for professional installation

Extra Information

Extreme Networks
Total Number of Network Ports:
Manufacturer Website Address:
Extreme Networks, Inc
Ethernet Technology:
Gigabit Ethernet,10 Gigabit Ethernet
Network Technology:
Form Factor:
Number of SFP+ Slots:
Expansion Slot Type:
Layer Supported:
Product Line:
Product Model:
Media Type Supported:
Optical Fiber,Twisted Pair
Number of Total Expansion Slots:
Port/Expansion Slot Details:
6 x Gigabit Ethernet Network,2 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Slot
Product Series:
Product Type:
Ethernet Switch
Power Source:
AC Adapter