Extreme Networks ExtremeMobility AP505i 802.11ax 4.80 Gbit/s Wireless Access Point AP505I-WR

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The mobile revolution is upon us. Enterprises are implementing digital transformation to connect with users, employees, guests, customers and IoT devices to help them better understand and manage their business, improve efficiencies, as well as the experience of their brand to customers and stock holders. However, today's Wi-Fi users have higher expectations, consume more bandwidth, and have less patience with a poor Wi-Fi experience. This is a challenge for every enterprise, as they struggle to keep pace with the seemingly exponential growth of Wi-Fi demand and data hungry applications - until now.

Designed to leverage the performance improvements delivered with 802.11ac wave 2, 802.11ax borrows key technology from cellular to increase device capacity and improve spectral efficiency, extracting more out of available Wi-Fi spectrum. Bottom line, 802.11ax will support more users and IoT devices, providing each the spectrum they require, future proofing enterprise wireless networks, while minimizing the upgrade fatigue they have been experiencing to date.

Purpose Built to Meet the Needs of Many

Extreme's AP505i is a high performance, enterprise class 802.11ax access point at the price/performance point that is ideal for many verticals, including; retail, education, hospitality and healthcare. These enterprises need to support a high density of users and IoT devices, while delivering an exceptional user experience.

The AP505i is managed by the Smart OmniEdge solution and powered by the WiNG 7 operating system. WiNG's legendary distributed architecture places the intelligence at the edge where it unleashes the true capabilities and performance of 802.11ax, without bottlenecks and limits. WiNG incorporates the functionality of a controller in each access point, enabling network solutions with controller-less solutions using a virtual controller that supports up to 64 access points or distributed solutions comprised of branch sites with up to 256 access points per site. The solution can scale to 25,000 access points and are managed with a simple, cloud UI and workflow with ExtremeCloud or ExtremeCloud Appliance for campus and private cloud networks.

Managing the Complexity of RF

Network managers will appreciate a powerful choice of RF management for their 802.11 networks, with Smart RF or ExtremeAI. WiNG's SmartRF, is a robust RF management system with AI/ML 'like' functionality. Built on 10 years of experience across thousands of large scale networks and millions of access points, SmartRF's algorithms manage channels, radios, load balancing , band steering and many other attributes of the RF.

For enterprises with highly dynamic RF environments, ExtremeAI is a hosted service which delivers the latest in AI/ML technology for RF networks. ExtremeAI monitors and learns the behavior of all your Smart OmniEdge RF networks and applies artificial intelligence to auto tune the network to achieve optimum performance and user experience. Applied to 802.11ax, this technology will lessen the workload of network engineers, while ensuring their network users have the best experience.

Extra Information

Extreme Networks
Management Port:
Number of Internal Antennas:
Manufacturer Website Address:
Extreme Networks, Inc
Wireless Transmission Speed:
4.80 Gbit/s
Product Model:
Product Line:
Frequency Band:
5 GHz
Wireless LAN Standard:
MIMO Technology:
PoE PD Port:
Product Type:
Wireless Access Point
Form Factor:
Ceiling Mountable,Wall Mountable
Ethernet Technology:
2.5 Gigabit Ethernet,Gigabit Ethernet
Bluetooth Standard:
Bluetooth 4.1
Total Number of Antennas:
Number of Network (RJ-45) Ports: