Extreme Networks ExtremeSwitching VSP 7432CQ-R Layer 3 Switch VSP7400-32C-AC-R

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The Virtual Services Platform 7400 is a space-efficient, high-performance Ethernet switch, delivering wire-speed 100 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. With 32 QSFP28 ports, the VSP 7400 can support a range of interface speeds, including 10 Gb, 25Gb, 40 Gb and 100 Gb, all in a compact 1RU form factor. This enables it to be flexibly deployed in either core/ aggregation or spine/ leaf high-density top of rack architectures. It also supports Extreme Fabric Connect for simplified, automated network services delivery.

Flexible Deployment Options

The ExtremeSwitching VSP 7400 is designed to handle a range of high bandwidth applications, including high-density 10 Gb, emerging 25Gb, as well as 40 Gb and 100 Gb core/ aggregation and spine/ leaf deployments. A wide variety of QSFP28 transceivers can be used to support 25Gb and/ or 100 Gb port speeds and QSFP+ transceivers are available to support 40 Gb and/ or 10 Gb port speeds.

Extreme Fabric Connect

The VSP 7400 natively supports the Extreme Fabric Connect technology. Based on an extended implementation of Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) standards of IEEE 802.1aq and IETF RFC 6329, Fabric Connect offers the ability to create a virtualized network that simplifies network provisioning and reduces the strain on network and IT personnel. Benefits include:
  • Eliminates need to configure network-wide VLANs
  • Replaces legacy protocols with a single unified protocol
  • Removes the risk of network loops
  • Delivers an edge-only provisioning model that seamlessly integrates with orchestration and automation
  • Support for both L2 and L3 virtualization, including IP multicast routing
Traditionally, provisioning new network services required engineers to touch every device in the service path, configuring each device to enable both the active and redundant links. The bigger the network the more complex and risky.

Leveraging Fabric Connect delivers fundamental change. Rather than the network appearing as a mass of individual devices, it becomes a single cloud, so that engineers only need to touch the unique device that is providing service directly to the end-point. Fabric Connect instantly propagates all the end-point's service attributes to every other node within the cloud.

Specific Fabric Connect features supported on the VSP 7400 include: L2 Virtual Service Networks (VSNs), Layer 3 Virtual Service Networks, Inter-VSN Routing, IPv4/ IPv6 IP Shortcut Routing, IP Multicast over Fabric Connect, Fabric Extend and Fabric Attach Server

Advanced Layer 3 Services

The VSP 7400 also provides advanced Layer 3 services that enable it to address conventional IP routing deployments, in addition to it's fabric-based services. Layer 3 support includes IPv4 and IPv6 dynamic routing, as well as IP multicast services.

Specific IP routing technologies available on the VSP 7400 include RIPv1/ 2, RIPng, OSPFv2/ v3, BGP/ BGP+ and VRF. Multicast services include PIM-SM/ SSM, IGMP v1/ v2/ v3, as well as Fabric to Connect to PIM gateway. The VSP 7400 also supports Distributed Virtual Routing (DvR) and VXLAN Gateway services.

Extreme Insight Architecture

Extreme's Insight Architecture leverages an innovative combination of VSP 7400 operating software and hardware features to provide pervasive visibility without impacting switching or network performance. This flexible and open solution enables organizations to deploy Extreme-provided and/ or third-party applications and tools directly on the VSP 7400 system for real-time visibility.
  • Supports optical fiber cable to span longer distances and provided high data transmission rates between servers and network components
  • 100 Gigabit Ethernet provides high bandwidth performance, ease of use and reliability for your network backbone
  • Can work as layer 3 routing for scalable network design
  • Managed switch provides a reliable foundation for your network
  • Built-in power supply to ensure all components are being supplied with accurate voltage
  • Rack mounting enables you to organize wires & secure cables for professional installation

Extra Information

Extreme Networks
Network Technology:
Compatible Rack Unit:
Manufacturer Website Address:
Extreme Networks, Inc
Ethernet Technology:
100 Gigabit Ethernet
Media Type Supported:
Optical Fiber
Form Factor:
Redundant Power Supply Supported:
Power Source:
Power Supply
Layer Supported:
Number of Total Expansion Slots:
Product Series:
Port/Expansion Slot Details:
32 x 100 Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Slot
Product Line:
Product Model:
VSP 7432CQ-R
Product Type:
Layer 3 Switch
Expansion Slot Type: