Extreme Networks Virtual Services Platform 8404C Switch Chassis EC8400A02-E6

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Extreme Networks Virtual Services Platform 8400 Series

Flexible, Compact Form-Factor Ethernet Switch designed to deliver sophisticated functionality in versatile deployment scenarios for businesses that range from mid-market up to mid-sized enterprises

Extreme Networks progresses the Compact Form-Factor Ethernet Switch concept with the introduction of a flexible, semi-modular option. An important pillar of the Virtual Services Platform 8000 Series, this Switch enables businesses to satisfy many typical deployments scenarios with a consistent hardware platform.

Mid-sized businesses are increasingly dependent upon application access and IT systems - much like their larger siblings - however they typically do not have the same levels of IT or funding resources available to build-out reliable networks using conventional techniques and products. They too seek advanced networking capabilities, but need these to be delivered in a streamlined, simplified, and cost-effective package.

The VSP 8000 Series features tight integration between the Industry's leading hardware and Extreme Networks' proven VSP Operating System and this delivers a compelling package of enhanced levels of functionality and robustness. Leveraging Extreme Networks' unique virtualization technologies, businesses can benefit from real-time service agility, avoiding the delays associated with conventional design, and the outages introduced in trying to maintain them. The Compact Form-Factor (CFF) design revolutionizes the cost/benefit proposition for the midmarket/mid-sized Core Switch role; delivering higher port density, better price/port, lower entry price-point, enhanced power efficiency, reduced maintenance, smaller physical footprint, and easy scalability. Essentially, the CFF gives business what they need, and at the same time helps them avoid the 'Chassis Tax'.

The VSP 8000 Series debuted the Compact Form-Factor design concept, ushering in a unique approach to product and solution design. The original VSP 8200 Series has come to define simplification, and the VSP 8400 Series now adds flexibility to the equation. Leveraging the ability to support a diverse mix of Ethernet interfaces - from 10Mbps to 100 Gbps, Copper- and Fiber-based - businesses can use the VSP 8404C to address a range of networking applications. The VSP 8400 is equally at home in the Core of a mid-sized Campus network, or as the Spine Switch in a Data Center Spine/Leaf Top-of-deployment. The VSP 8400 can also be deployed as a Campus Distribution Switch, providing and aggregation point between the Core and Access tiers. Supporting Extreme Networks' innovative Fabric Connect and Switch Cluster technologies, in addition to conventional IPv4 and IPv6 Routing, the VSP 8400 is an agile and versatile player in a number of distinct scenarios.

The VSP 8400 deploys and operationalizes quickly, minimizes ongoing operational burden, and Extreme Networks' unique network virtualization technologies enable real-time service deployment. As a product line, the VSP 8000 Series enables businesses to redirect their finite IT resources to important value-adding projects.

The VSP 8400 shares the same next-generation hardware and software technology basis as the existing VSP 8200 Series. This positions the product line to support both today's requirements and tomorrow's emerging needs. The VSP 8000 Series provides business with a future-ready solution that leverages the Industry's most softwaredefinable network virtualization technology.
  • Can work as layer 3 routing for scalable network design
  • Built-in power supply to ensure all components are being supplied with accurate voltage
  • Rack mounting enables you to organize wires & secure cables for professional installation

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