Fanvil HT201 Monaural HD Headset for IP Phones

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Fanvil HT201 Monaural HD Headset for IP Phones (HT201)

Fanvil HT201 Mono Headset

The Fanvil HT201 Headset is an over-the-head style monoural (single ear) model for office workers, SOHO or call centre staff. Coupled with noise cancellation technology and wideband audio, the HT201 Headset delivers clearer conversation and offers a more professional customer experience on every call. The HT201 has noise cancelling microphone technology to block out background noise and sharp breathing sounds, as well as being sturdy and lightweight for all-day comfort.


The HT201 Headset combines comfort, elegance, and productivity all in one sentence. With foam pads covered in leatherette cushions, an adjustable headband and a mic boom that rotates you are sure to find the perfect fit for maximum comfort while you work. The comfort in this headset does not sacrifice the durability. The HT201 is built with high-end materials and a design that prevents the boom arm from breaking regardless of how you rotate it.

Features and Specifications

Noise-canceling microphone
Peakstop technology
Extended Wear Comfort
Wide Compatability
HD Sound Clarity
Monaural/Binaural models available
Long durability
Plug and Play with Fanvil phones
Wide Compatability with all Fanvil IP phones





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