IOGEAR PenScript Active Stylus for Smartphones and Tablets GSTYA100

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Active Stylus for Smartphones and Tablets

With today's ever-shifting transformation towards a paperless world, we rely more than ever on our electronic devices to carry out daily activities such as sending emails, taking notes or running businesses. IOGEAR's PenScript™ Active Stylus sets out to redefine the way we interact with our touchscreen and mobile devices. The main means of communicating with our touchscreen devices today is with our fingers. Our fingers, as multi-functional as they are, are often times not the best or most accurate way to interact with our devices - especially for taking notes or drawing on a tablet or smartphone. The PenScript™ active stylus provides a superior alternative in a form factor that we're all familiar with.

What is an Active Stylus?

An active stylus is an input device that allows the user to write or draw directly on a device's screen. It is usually used for precise drawing, note-taking, annotating electronic documents or providing electronic signatures. Active styluses have evolved from older inactive styluses that contain no electronic components and feature a large rubber conductive tip that lacks the accuracy and features that an active stylus, such as the IOGEAR PenScript™ provides.

The PenScript™ works by generating electric signals that are picked up by your device's built-in digitizer. These signals are then transmitted to the device's controller which in turn senses the pen's location, pressure, and other functionalities. IOGEAR's PenScript utilizes Power Tip Technology™ to pinpoint the exact location of the stylus tip on the touchscreen providing both fluidity and exceptional accuracy when writing or drawing.

Thoughtful Design, Unparalleled Performance

The IOGEAR PenScript™ was designed with one thing in mind - how do we design a stylus that simulates the seamless pen-on-paper writing experience? Through research and development, IOGEAR decided to use premium quality materials and a very small and precise 1.9mm stylus tip made of POM (polyoxometalate). The POM material minimizes friction and allows the stylus to glide effortlessly over glass displays much like how a pen glides over paper.

The body of the stylus is made of a high-grade anodized aluminum alloy that not only gives the stylus a beautiful look and feel, but also provides durability and rigidity. In addition, the integrated rubber grip is thoughtful and adds to the pen-like feel of the PenScript™. The result of all these features is a well-balanced writing utility that not only feels great in the hands, but defines a new level of performance, control and reliability among styluses.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Works with the most popular note-taking apps such as Evernote, Paper by FiftyThree, Procreate, etc.
  • Great for artists, designers, students and businesses
  • Easy setup - no pairing or additional software needed
  • Up to 12 hours of continual usage on a single AAA battery
  • Works with virtually all smartphones and tablets
  • Anodized aluminum body for durability and premium feel
  • Precise 1.9mm tip with Power Tip Technology for smooth writing and unparalleled accuracy

Extra Information

Environmentally Friendly:
Limited Warranty:
1 Year
Touchscreen Type Supported:
Device Supported:
Stylus Point Size:
74.80 mil (1.90 mm)
Package Contents:
PenScript Active Stylus for Smartphones and Tablets 1 x Alkaline AAA Battery 1 x Quick Start Guide 1 x Warranty Card
Product Material:
Anodized Aluminum
Packaged Quantity:
Product Type:
Environmental Certification:
Product Line:
5.59" (141.99 mm)
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0.47" (11.94 mm)