Kuando Busylight Combi Presence For Desk Phone / Headsets

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Kuando Busylight Combi Presence For Desk Phone / Headsets (15301)


Kuando Busylight Combi is a “headset in use” indicator. It lights up RED, when you are on a call.
It also has a manual “Do Not Disturb” switch, so you can signal if you wish to concentrate without getting interrupted.
Simply connect it to the Headset, handset or desk phone and download and install the software.


How it works

Kuando™ Busylight Combi is connected to the desk phone via a small box. 

The Kuando™ Busylight Combi detects when you are in a call and automatically lights up red to show colleagues that you are busy.

If you need to concentrate and do not want to be disturbed, you can manually switch on a blue light. 

The Kuando™ Busylight Combi supports 90% of all corded and wireless headsets with a base and desk phones. The Combi only allows you to connect either your headset or handset.

Do not support mobile phones, USB headsets and softphones and does not offer call alert. 


Kuando™ Busylight Combi is for everyone who needs to concentrate at work without being interrupted. 

Interruptions are exhausting employees - Killing the ability to perform. The consequences - employees are becoming more and more ineffective and frustrated. 

The Busylight concept offers an ideal solution. It is all about creating the needed surroundings for employees to perfom their job in the open office.

The Kuando™ Busylight Combi is designed for mainly 2 purposes

Daily distractions and unwanted interruptions in the open office environment result in lost efficiency and poor work quality. 
The Kuando™ Busylight Combi is a respectful, effective way to let people know you are in a call or need to concentrate without being interrupted.

When using a headset you most likely experience colleagues interrupting you while you are on a call. This brings you out of focus affecting the quality and professionalism of the call. The Kuando™ Busylight Combi fixes this by lighting up RED and displays “I’m on a call” in a polite way.

When you work in an open office, you may experience noise, confusion and interruptions. You will need a way to work without unwanted interruptions. The Kuando™ Busylight Combi helps you as you can manually set a Blue light indicating: “Do Not Disturb”, so you can signal to others you want to concentrate without getting disrupted


Features & specifications

Kuando Busylight Combi is connected to the Phone via a small box. The small light is discrete and still visible from a long distance.

  • Magnets for flexible mounting
  • Built-in speaker
  • Memory chip with 8 ringtones & IM tone
  • USB connected (HID device)
  • 1,5 meter cord. 
  • Adhesive tape for easy and flexible mounting. On monitors, cubes and laptops.
  • Optional Magnetic mount kit available

Kuando Busylight Combi is compatible with 90% of all Desk phones and headsets.

Lights up your availability

  • Lights up RED, when you are on a call
  • Manual “Do Not Disturb” switch, if you do not want to be interrupted. 


The standard box for Busylight Combi allows you to connect either your headset or your handset.

Extra Information

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