QNAP TL-R1220SEP-RP Drive Enclosure SATA/600 - Mini-SAS HD Host Interface - 2U Rack-mountable TL-R1220SEP-RP-US

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Enterprise-grade SAS 12Gb/s storage expansion supporting multipath routing and daisy chaining

The TL-R1220Sep-RP SAS 12Gb/s storage expansion enclosure is designed for expanding the storage space of your QTS or QuTS hero NAS. Up to sixteen expansion enclosures can be daisy-chained via high-speed mini SAS HD cables to support up to 3.4PB raw capacity, ideal for archiving/backing up virtualization applications, surveillance recordings, large data, or multimedia. Featuring Broadcom® SAS DataBolt™ bandwidth optimization technology, the TL-R1220Sep-RP consolidates 6Gb/s infrastructure into 12Gb/s. When connected to a QTS/QuTS hero NAS that supports multipath routing, the TL-R1220Sep-RP can achieve smoother data transmission and continuous system operation.

Supported NAS System

Expand the storage space of a QTS/QuTS hero NAS, supports up to 3.4PB raw capacity by daisy-chaining up to 16 expansion enclosures.

Storage Management

Manage the storage space and settings of the TL-R1220Sep-RP with Storage & Snapshot Manager on the host NAS.

DataBolt Bandwidth Optimization

Combine multiple 6Gb/s transmissions into 12 Gb/s data streams to achieve faster speed with existing 6Gb/s infrastructure.

Remote Files Transfer

Conserve network bandwidth and performance by using the TL-R1220Sep-RP to transfer huge files from one device to another.

Multipath Routing

Ensure smooth data transmission and continuous operation by using the TL-R1220Sep-RP with a NAS that supports multipath routing.

Easy Installation & Storage

With a short-depth design, the TL-R1220Sep-RP is suitable for universal deployment.

Achieve up to 96Gb/s with link aggregation

The TL-R1220Sep-RP is powered by a low-power 28nm SAS35x28R SAS Expander and supports 12/6 Gb/s SAS/SATA drives. Also, it has four 12 Gb/s SAS 3.0 (x4 Lane) SFF-8644 SAS Wide Ports. By connecting the TL-R1220Sep-RP to the host NAS and daisy-chaining multiple JBODs with two wide ports configured with link aggregation, the solution delivers up to 96Gb/s transfer speed.

Supports SAS DataBolt™ technology, delivers 12Gb/s speed using existing 6Gb/s infrastructure

Featuring Broadcom® SAS DataBolt™ bandwidth optimization technology, the TL-R1220Sep-RP features an intelligent data buffer for transferring data to drives at speeds that match the performance of the host NAS. Whether the TL-R1220Sep-RP uses 12Gb/s or 6Gb/s drives, the NAS host will transfer data to the TL-R1220Sep-RP at 12Gb/s, allowing you benefit from high-speed 12Gb/s SAS transmission with existing 6Gb/s infrastructure.

Short-depth design Can be installed in standard server racks or small AV cabinets

(2U, H 88.65 x W 482.2 x D 423.8 mm)

Connect up to 16 JBODs, support up to 3.4 PB raw capacity

The TL-R1220Sep-RP has four 12 Gb/s SAS 3.0 (x4 Lane) SFF-8644 SAS Wide Ports. Up to sixteen TL-R1220Sep-RP can be daisy-chained to achieve a raw capacity of up to 3.4PB.

Multipath routing to ensure continuous system operations

By daisy chaining the TL-R1220Sep-RP, data transmission loads can be balanced with multipath routing to achieve high availability. If one route fails, another transmission route can be used to access the data and ensure continuous system operations. The TL-R1220Sep-RP also features a redundant power supply to ensure system uptime.

  • Compact in size but massive in performance. Provides sufficient external data storage, with ultra-fast data transfer speeds and configurable modes.
  • Featuring Non-RAID Mode - Data reliability, fault tolerance, and enhanced performance through jbod
  • Organize wires & secure cables for professional installation with rack mounting facility

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TL-R1220SEP-RP Drive Enclosure 2 x Power Cords Hard Disk Tray Key 1 x Mini SAS Cable (SFF-8644 to SFF-8644) 36 x Flat Head Screws (for 2.5" HDD) 48 x Flat head Screws (for 3.5" HDD) Quick
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Qnap Storage System
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5 Year
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