Ubiquiti Advanced Device Management CRM Point

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Ubiquiti Advanced Device Management CRM Point (CRM-P)


Ubiquiti Networks introduces the CRM Point™, a compact, locally hosted solution for management of your airMAX® and airMAX ac network devices from a central point.

  • Plug and play
  • Breakthrough size and performance
  • Powerful quad-core architecture
  • Versatile scalability
  • No hosting fees

Plug and Play Installation Instant setup - just connect the CRM Point to 802.3af PoE and run the U CRM Control™ setup wizard. Breakthrough Size and Performance Pocket-sized for a minimal footprint, the CRM Point can easily be plugged into any switch or router on your network. Powerful Quad-Core Architecture Featuring a quad-core processor, the CRM Point provides top-level processing power for centralized device management. Versatile Scalability The CRM Point scales to host networks of almost any size to meet your growing management needs. No Hosting Fees The U CRM Control software and all of its data are stored locally on the CRM Point, eliminating the costs associated with third-party cloud storage

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