ZYXEL WAC6303D-S IEEE 802.11ac 1.56 Gbit/s Wireless Access Point WAC6303D-S

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Networking administrators managing busy venues such as airports, exhibition centers or shopping malls must understand how visitors longed for WiFi and how challenging it is to meet the demands within limited budgets. The Zyxel WAC6303D-S 802.11ac Wave 2 Dual-Radio Unified Pro Access Point delivers superior wireless experience in high-density areas at an affordable price. Powered by 3x3 MU-MIMO that provides tripled performance and Zyxel smart antenna technology with the proven ability to mitigate co-channel interferences, the WAC6303D-S not only resolves the challenge today but also guarantees future-proof scalability for the ever-growing mobility demands.


Second Generation MU-MIMO - the true breakthrough in wireless connectivity

Stepping up from 802.11ac, the Wave 2 technology introduces Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO). This is an important WiFi development that enables an AP to communicate with multiple clients at a time offering up to 300% performance for a 3x3 AP. The benefits of Wave 2 technology are clear, but there are still two well-known technical challenges: the airtime cost when performing channel measurement, and the data rate being limited by the slowest client in the MU group.

To overcome those challenges, the WAC6303D-S uses next generation transmit beamforming technology incorporating Low End Sensitivity Improvements and Time Domain Channel Smoothing allowing data rates to increase for not only MU-MIMO clients, but for all existing ones as well. Additionally, the WAC6303D-S is built with Smart antenna, premium power amplifiers and low-noise elements delivering superior wireless performance over other Wave 2 access points on the market.

Unbeatable coverage

Maximizing wireless coverage is more than just a game of output power. Every hardware design details including the layout, the antenna and the ability to distinguish between numerous sources of noise all contribute in determining coverage and throughput. The Zyxel WAC6303D-S features Smart antenna technology with the proven ability to mitigate co-channel interference, and adaptively adjust antenna patterns to fit high-density applications. Unlike most products on the market that measure only conducted sensitivity without considering the effect of antennas, Zyxel examines sensitivity with antenna (a.k.a. OTA sensitivity) as a whole wireless system to minimize the degradation in sensitivity at receiver end. In short, Zyxel has optimized the design of the WAC6303D-S to boost sensitivity and maximize real world performance.

ThermoSense Adjustment Technology

Zyxel's ThermoSense Adjustment Technology is an innovative feature that extends the operating temperature range to as high as to 60°C. It does this by monitoring the temperature threshold intelligently and making adjustments to operating parameters. This ensures continued performance in extreme environments such as warehouses and factory floors.

3G/4G Cellular Network Coexistence

With gradually pervasive 3G infrastructure deployment at customer sites, users start to experience wireless performance degrade e.g. ping drops and high latency, however whenever users shutdown the 3G equipment, wireless service resumes working smooth. To enable 3G/4G cellular network coexistence and minimize interference from 3G/4G antennas or signal boosters, the WAC6303D-S has built-in 3G/4G interference filters. As a result, installation of the AP no longer needs to worry about the visible or invisible 3G/4G indoor antennas around.
  • Create a reliable wireless business network with this wireless access point that features a high-speed data transfer rate
  • Build a reliable home or business network with this Wireless Access Point, that features IEEE 802.11ac technology and speeds up to 1.56 Gbit/s
  • Gigabit Ethernet port for ultra-fast wired network speeds
  • Its management capability provides efficient control over setup and configuration of your network

Extra Information

Limited Warranty:
2 Year
Management Port:
ZYXEL Communications Corp.
Wireless Transmission Speed:
1.56 Gbit/s
Environmentally Friendly:
Environmental Certification:
Wireless LAN Standard:
IEEE 802.11ac
Manufacturer Website Address:
Frequency Band:
5 GHz,2.40 GHz
Package Contents:
802.11ac Wave 2 Dual-Radio Unified Pro Access Point Wall/Ceiling Mount Plate Mounting Screws
MIMO Technology:
Beamforming Technology:
PoE PD Port:
Product Type:
Wireless Access Point
Form Factor:
Ceiling Mountable,Wall Mountable
Country of Origin:
Ethernet Technology:
Gigabit Ethernet
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