Algo SL7100 InformaCast License

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SL7100 InformaCast License

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SL7100 InformaCast License

The Singlewire InformaCast License is available to purchase for the following Algo products referenced below. One license is required per endpoint deployed.

Please include the MAC address for each Algo endpoint requiring a license. This information may be included when placing an order or the details can be sent in an email after an order is placed by replying to the Algo order confirmation.

Note: If the Algo product has not been purchased, choose any of the following part numbers referenced below to have the InformaCast license included with the Algo product. No SL7100 needs to be ordered with any of the part numbers listed below.

Ordering Guide

ItemProduct Code
InformaCast IP Audio Alerter 8180-IC
InformaCast IP Horn Speaker 8186-IC
InformaCast IP Ceiling Speaker 8188-IC
InformaCast IP Surface Mount Speaker 8189-IC
InformaCast IP Speaker – Clock 8190-IC
InformaCast IP Speaker – Clock & Visual Alerter 8190S-IC
InformaCast IP Visual Alerter 8128-IC
InformaCast IP Color Visual Alerter 8138-IC
InformaCast IP Paging Adapter & Scheduler 8301-IC

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