ZYXEL NSG200 Network Security/Firewall Appliance NSG200

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Nebula Cloud Managed Security Gateway

The Zyxel Nebula Cloud Managed Security Gateway is built with remote management and ironclad security for organizations with growing numbers of distributed sites. With the extensive suite of security features that includes ICSA-certified firewall, IPsec VPN connectivity, Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) as well as Application Patrol, the NSG50/100/200 provides deep, extensive protection to meet everything that small- to mid-size businesses would need.

As the Zyxel Nebula Security Gateway has been completely designed for cloud managed, the installation and management become simpler than ever. Through Nebula's cloud interface, administrators are able to create site-wide policies and monitor all the branch sites effortlessly even without training.


Out-of-the-box cloud-managed gateway

Every Zyxel Nebula Security Gateway can be quick and easy deployed at a remote location through nearly zero-touch cloud provisioning. It automatically pulls policies and configuration settings, receives seamless firmware upgrades and security signature updates from the cloud without the need for on-site networking expertise.

Easy setup, simple management

Traditional gateway requires administrators to perform configuration and to manage security policies on each device one by one but it costs considerable time and effort. The Zyxel Nebula provides a single point of management to all the Nebula gateways for administrators to synchronize security settings across thousands of sites to every device all at once. The cloud interface provides site-wide visibility and control that enable administrators to manage event logs, traffic statistics, bandwidth consumption, networked clients and application usage without access to the individual devices.

Zero-touch VPN connections

Establish VPN to keep branch locations securely connected is easier than ever. With the Zyxel Nebula Security Gateway, either site-to-site or hub-and-spoke VPN connections can be configured with complete simplicity through few clicks in the Nebula Control Center, without complex VPN configuration steps. The intuitive cloud management interface gives administrators a real-time view to monitor VPN connectivity between multiple locations.

Streamlined policy management

The Zyxel Nebula Security Gateway streamlines configuration of firewall and every security feature for faster, easier and more consistent policy settings by supporting objectbased management and a unified configuration approach for all security related policies, with which users can easily apply all policy criteria to every security feature. Moreover, any configuration made in the Nebula Control Center can automatically propagate to all the connected Nebula gateways.

Effective network protection

Nebula's IDP (Intrusion detection and prevention) system scans multiple layers and protocols to inspect vulnerabilities invisible to simple port-and protocol-based firewalls by utilizing Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology that eliminates false positives with a database of malware signatures and provides effective protection against intrusions from unknown back doors.

Powerful application security

The Zyxel Nebula Security Gateway supports Application Patrol that can identify, categorize and control social, gaming, productivity and other Web applications and behaviors. Users can block undesirable applications to boost productivity and to prevent bandwidth abuse.
  • Complete networking, security and application control over the cloud (1250Mbps SPI firewall)
  • Zero-touch site-to-site VPN (500Mbps VPN) up to 200 VPNs
  • Secure networks with next-gen firewall, IDP and application Patrol (180Mbps IDP)
  • Built-in DHCP, NAT, QoS and VLAN management
  • Static route and dynamic DNS support

Extra Information

Package Contents:
NSG200 Network Security/Firewall Appliance Power Cord Power Adapter Rack Mounting Kit
ZYXEL Communications Corp.
Network Standard:
Firewall Protection Supported:
Packet Inspection,Application Control,Stateful Packet Filtering,Secure IPsec VPN Connectivity,Intrusion Detection,Network Protection,Intrusion Prevention,Firewall Authentication,Real Time Log
Encryption Standard:
AES (256-bit),3DES,DES,SHA-1,MD5,SHA-2
Product Type:
Network Security/Firewall Appliance
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Gigabit Ethernet